Cake Pops

My first cake pops, made with the aid of two sixth grade neighbours. We baked a vanilla sponge and broke it into fine crumbs which we then blended onto the bright pink buttercream we’d made earlier. Using our hands, we moulded the mixture into mini-cupcake-shapes and let them chill in the freezer. While they were cooling, we melted some white and dark chocolate and prepared small bowls of various decorations like coloured sprinkles and mini M&Ms. The base of the cakes were then dunked into molten dark chocolate and the stick inserted. After another stint in the freezer to let the chocolate set around the stick, the tops were swirled in white chocolate and carefully decorated, then stood in a foam block to cool.

The final steps were to decorate another foam block with bright pink tissue paper, tie a birthday ribbon round it and arrange a selection of the cake pops – a perfect home-made gift!