Mickey Mouse

It was a hard choice between Mickey Mouse and a zombie cake.
Mickey seemed slightly more suitable for a three year old’s birthday party.  Maybe we’ll get to have the zombie next year!

I made a 9″ round chocolate sponge and a rectangular one from which I cut two smaller circles, slicing them all in half and sandwiching them with vanilla butter cream.  I arranged these on the cake tray into the famous Mickey Mouse silhouette, trimming to shape around his chin, and used a clean spirit level to ensure flatness.

I used royal icing coloured black to cover the ears, sides of the cake, and around his face, using a piping nozzle to add nose, eyes and other outline details.  When these were dry, I coloured in the whites of his eyes and the red of his tongue.  Finally, I used very thin royal icing to fill in his face in a peachy-pinky colour, letting it run out to the edges of the space.

Very cool!