100 Years of Jezebel

As you may remember, Jezebel is a 1916 Dennis N type fire engine and mascot of the Students of the Royal College of Science, one of the founding three Colleges of Imperial College.  Somehow, 30 years have passed since I made her 70th birthday cake!

This one, in honour of her 100th, needed to feed 150 people – and had to be made in my Mother’s kitchen while I visited from New York, which presented its own challenges!

I made six rectangular cakes, using strips of damp towel round the tins to ensure even rising, and arranged them into a 15″ slab, sandwiched with buttercream and strawberry jam.  I covered this in fondant, then started creating Jez herself, with the logo from the invite as my template.

Once the cake was complete, I had to get it safely up to South Kensington – about 70 miles in the boot of a car.  Luckily, I found Cake-Stuff.com, a great website that sells strong boxes for cake transportation, amongst other very useful items, including the very cool car magnet shown below!

The cake arrived safely and went down very well at the beautifully-organised dinner hosted by the RCS Motor Club.


(Note, Cake Stuff is an awesome website for cakeboards, boxes, and other vital supplies!)