Tobias and Ashley both love Vans, so what better than a Vans cake? (Thanks Sarah & Kamara for the suggestion!)

I decided that the cake should be as chequered as the icing, so assembled strips of chocolate and vanilla cake to make a block from which I would carve the sneakers. I also needed to figure out how to make the checkered icing have squares that actually looked square. After doing a small proof of concept, I decided to cut out small white and black squares from very thin fondant, and lay them on a thin layer of white fondant. It is amazing quite how many hours it took to make a sheet large enough for the shoes!!







All the other pets have had their cakes, so Aron wanted Biscuit this year. Fortunately, she is very photogenic! Take a look at the video to see us cutting the cake.


Bakewell Tart

For those of you who’ve never come across a Bakewell Tart, it’s a shortcrust pastry shell with a layer of raspberry jam (with maybe some fresh raspberries thrown on top and crushed a little), a layer of frangipane (a fluffy almondy sponge), and a topping of either flaked almond or feathered icing. I prefer the latter, hence that’s what I make!


Tobias really wanted Travis Scott’s album Astroworld. As the cover art is quite complex, I focused on the disc itself. The pandemic meant everyone would be attending remotely via Zoom, so I also made little mini-discs for each of the attendees’ party bags so they could all have cake at the same time.


A friend’s dad loves to ski, so she gave me a photo and some ideas of things he likes, so I made a montage including the ASL sign for “I love you” and a cable car gondola.


Dinosaur Tea Cup

I was asked to produce a cake for a Dinosaur Tea Party.  How’s this?

I tinted one batch of the cake batter with purple food colouring and left the other plain, sandwiching the layers together with pale pink buttercream frosting.  I carved the cake to the shape of an inverted bowl, covered that with buttercream, too, then added a layer of bright pink fondant.  When turned right-side-up, it looked like a tea cup, and just needed a handle.  The froth on top is plain buttercream, piped on with a star nozzle.  Then I decorated the outside with dinosaurs cut from purple fondant and added the birthday girl’s name in the same way.

She and her guests loved it!


IMG_0574 IMG_0575